Stanko Radikon is one of the natural wine world’s true icons and his legendary work in the Oslavia region of Friuli, right by the border with Slovenia in Italy’s northeast is now being carried on by his son Sasa. The wines benefit from what a soil type the Slovenian’s call ‘Ponca’, a complex mix of sandstone, clay and marine deposits that produces powerful, mineral rich wines. With long macerations and time ageing in old oak casks, they produce wines of rare intensity.

Vino Igt Bianco Jakot (0.5L)
£ 32.00
Modri (Red) 50Cl
£ 54.00
Vino Igt Bianco Ribolla Gialla (0.50L)
£ 36.00
Vino Igt Rs17
£ 37.00
Vino Igt Merlot (50Cl)
£ 64.00
Vino Igt Bianco Jakot (1L)
£ 64.00
Vino Igt Bianco Oslavje (0,50L)
£ 35.00
Vino Igt Pinot Grigio Sivi Magnum
£ 79.00
Pignoli (Red) 1L
£ 78.00
Modri (Red) 1L
£ 99.00
Vino Igt Merlot (1L)
£ 119.00
Vino Igt Bianco Ribolla Gialla (1L)
£ 69.00
Vino Igt Bianco Oslavje (1L)
£ 67.00