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We have members all over the world opening their latest LOW subscription deliveries. All packages are curated monthly by our team to inspire, intrigue and inform with wines from around the world.

Your trackable LOW home-drop contains a different monthly mix of global wines (always with a bespoke PDF guideline on how best to enjoy them). Members are not tied into any fixed term and once you purchase your membership, the subscription amount you have initially paid for will be billed on the 1st of every month ongoing. If you wish to make a change to your membership please email us at info@lowintervention.com so we can make the changes to your account.

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  • Monthly curation of the finest natural wines, delivered direct to your door
  • Early access to rare and hard-to-find wines launched at LOW
  • Early access to tickets for all LOW Events 
  • Early access to collaboration products launched at LOW
  • Exclusive content offers and products from LOW select partners


2 to 3 bottles
of natural wine
for £50 per month


5 to 6 bottles
of natural wine
for £100 per month


6 to 10 bottles
of natural wine
for £250 per month


Custom selection
of natural wine
for £500 per month

Think different. Drink different.